Khmer Village

There are many types of houses in Khmer village such as house Peth, house Kantaing, house Raungdoeung, Sala Chan as a small pagoda… etc which are the main model houses of Khmer people, they make their living by farming, making palm sugar, rice storage, carving, weaving, crafting farm, making clay pot, fishing and popular games.



Millionaire House

Millionaire House, where for the ancient rich man stay, is an old style of Khmer construction that remains from OUDONG period up to now. The hold building of this house is using with very good quality equipment and wood. At here you will see the traditional Khmer style wedding ceremony.



Floating and Fishing Village

In the Southern of Siem Reap Province, there is Chong Khneas Village, Kampong Pluk located along the riverbank of Tonle Sap Lake. They make their living by fishing in normal form with the small boat or work for the farming in the floating field. They believe in Buddhism and before they went for fishing they like to pray for happiness and yielding as much of fish from the guardian spirit.

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Kroeung Village

Kroeung people live in the Northeast of Cambodia in Rattanakiri province where plenty of natural resource. They make their living by hunting, husbandry, farming. They believe in animism. The girl has own right to choose the fiancé by herself.


Cham Village

Cham people live almost everywhere in Cambodia.They make their living by fishing, blacksmithing, the principle religion in Islam (Preah Allah).



Kola Village

Kola people live in Pailin location in Battambang Province. The region of Kola was from Myama (Burmany), in 1876, they came to Cambodia to dig the precious stone and cut the stone but were ended up here of after the war. They believe in Buddhism.


Khmer Surin Village

Surin village located a long Cambodia and Thai border. Presently, it is in the Thai authority. The culture and tradition is not mush different from Khmer living in Siem Reap Province Surin people are good at organizing match elephants.

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For performing the shows: There are Apsara dance coconut dancing, drum, acrobat, comedy and multi nationalities dance. The style of mini theatre is Khmer style, the roof make by Khanma ( leaves ).



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