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Oil Palm

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First Oil Palm in Cambodia

It is the first company and the time ever that oil palm have been commercially planted in Cambodia, by Mong Reththy Investment Cambodia Oil Palm Company Co., Ltd. it is the first time ever in Cambodia that the land is suitable for this crop.  Germinated seeds have been imported from two will-known countries: Malaysia and Costa Rica. The company export has concluded that germinated seeds from Costa Rica are more suitable to the soil conditions in Cambodia. It can resist diseases and drought, and the climate of the two countries follows similar patterns.  However, The export has decided to plant approximately 200-300 hectares of Malaysia's germinated seeds, for research and record purposes only: to evaluate which of the seeds produces more bunches.  The greatest year of all was 2002 when the Company finally put its CPO mill on operation after 10 months of construction and installation.

MRICOP was established 5 years after the founding of its parent company - MRIEC (Now known as MRT Group)
For the past six years, with full co-operation and support from it's Korean partner, the company has not only expanded it's cultivable land but has also embarked on several top infrastructure projects such as: house and living quarters and training programs for its staff. This is a testament to the on going development of our company.  Since 2002. the company has planned to embark on the construction of more access rounds to enable the smooth transportation of fresh fruit bunch FFB during the up-coming harvest season.

Oil Palm Plantation, The New Phenomenal Challenge for Mong Reththy Group
In the wake of government policies on Agro-industrialization, Cambodia, in the eyes of foreign investors is being seen as a country of great opportunities due to its abundant fertile land and competitive labor force. These two main factors will definitely enhance the production yields and therefore profits of the company.  It is the first time in Cambodia's history that together with the full support and cooperation of our Korean partner that palm oil has been commercially cultivated by Mong Reththy Investment Cambodia Oil Palm Co., Ltd. It will of course attract the enormous incentives granted by the Royal Government of Cambodia.  Back in 1994, Oknha Mong Reththy initiated the project on 11,000 hectares of land in Prey Nop District, Sihanoukville.  Oknha Mong Reththy firmly hopes to see the development and boosting of the Cambodian economy through the sales of it's crude palm oils on the international market.  Between 1996-1997, out of 11,00 ha of land in Prey Nop district, Sihanoukville, the company started felling, clearing and preparing the land with completion of its first phase of field planting of 457 ha of high planting materials. A future 1,040 ha in 1998, 1,620 ha in 1999, 470 ha in 2000, 80 ha in 2001, 51 ha in 2002, 59 ha in 2003, 320 ha in 2004 and 400 ha up to 2nd
semester 2005. A total of 4497 ha. A part from land preparation, we have also embarked on the construction of roads, house for our laborers and staff; a top priority for our company.


Khmeng Wat Construction Co., LTD.

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